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LiteGait Small Paediatric Gait Trainer

LG50KX, LG100KX & LG135KX

A unique design allows the power lift mechanism to be built directly into the supportive arms of KX models. This preserves all of the manual adjustment available other popular paediatric units while providing 45 cm of power lift in LG-50 KX & 100 KX. You can bring the patient from sit to stand and change the amount of support with the push of a button. The rechargeable battery-operated, light weight system provides all the functionality you need without the mess of oil pumps or cranks. Every system comes with everything you need including one harness that fits a large range of patients. The adjustability built into these systems allows for growth potential in a single user case, and it allows facilities to easily treat all their patients with the same unit. Consult the specification table below to find the right unit for you.

Specifications LG 50
LG 100
LG 135
Max Patient Weight kg 50 100 135
Max Patient Height cm 148 183 198
Power Lifts 45 45 60
Unit Max/Min Height cm 163/50 198/75 213/150
Base Inside Width cm 66/69/76 69/76/81 76/86
Overall Length cm 81 107 114