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What is a LiteGait?

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LiteGait is the original Partial-Weight-Bearing Gait Therapy Device. It was designed and made by a team of clinicians, researchers, educators, and engineers to maintain symmetry/posture and correct weight bearing. The LiteGait is a revolutionary rehabilitation solution for both children and adults with motor control and neurological related disabilities.

The LiteGait is an ideal therapeutic tool for weight bearing and stretching muscles allowing you to target specific functions that the patient requires, it creates a safe working environment for both the therapist and the patient reducing risk of falling or tripping due to it’s design. We offer a wide range of LiteGait models so you can choose one that suits your field of work, check here to see all available models of each model there is usually different sizes you can choose from also, check here to see all available models.

What the LiteGait does for patients is truly remarkable when you witness it in action, this is why we do free-of-charge demonstrations across the UK so that you can see for yourself how great the LiteGait is. We also do exhibitions across the UK so make sure you keep an eye on our upcoming exhibitions page and you can come along and hear our seminars and have a demonstration of how it works and all the benefits it brings. On top of our seminars we do across the UK the LiteGait is supported with a wide range of educational programmes and webinars, allowing you to stay in touch with the very latest practices being used by other therapists worldwide and gaining from this pool of knowledge.

The initial investment into our gait trainer is soon returned as it is an very cost-effective solution for therapists. It removes the need of having more than one therapist per patient due to the support it offers patients, it also means the therapist does 20% of the work and the patient does 80% rather than the other way round. This reduces therapist fatigue meaning every patient receives the same quality of therapy throughout the day.

LG135KE Economy Gait Trainer

LG50KX Paediatric Gait Trainer