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Mobility Accessories

Find below our range of Mobility Accessories that are designed to solve common problems in a easy to use way.

Push Handle Extensions

Buggy & Wheelchair Handle Extensions

Most wheelchairs have a push handle height of only 36” off the ground. Unfortunately this can be a problem for anyone who is average height or above. If you (or your spouse) are taller than average height, then you will understand how uncomfortable it can be to stoop over to push a wheelchair or buggy. Our […]

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Random Tandem Connection 2

Random Tandem Connection

The Random Tandem Connection is a great little accessory that can attach virtually any pushchair or wheelchair side by side and allow you to propel them with ease. If you have ever been faced with the problem of pushing more than one pushchair or wheelchair at the same time you’ll probably realise this can be a pretty […]

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Seat Reducer Insert

Reducer Seat Insert

Children grow fast! Before you know it, they have outgrown their clothes, shoes and even their pushchair or wheelchair. For this reason, many parents select a buggy that is one size larger than needed in anticipation for future growth. Frequently we see Parents using things such as rolled up towels and bunched up blankets to try and make it […]

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Sidewinder Push Handle

Sidewinder Push Handle®

The Sidewinder is a unique little accessory that allows wheelchair and buggy attendants to see who they are pushing rather than looking at the back of there heads! Like all our mobility accessories we try and make them as simple as possible, this handy device attaches to the side of any pushchair or wheelchair with […]

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