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Our range of mobility products are made to keep you mobile and assist in moving from A to B. You’ll find our Convaid and BoGeTec pushchairs and also our Troy Travel Wheelchair & accessories.

Push Handle Extensions

Buggy & Wheelchair Handle Extensions

Most wheelchairs have a push handle height of only 36” off the ground. Unfortunately this can be a problem for anyone who is average height or above. If you (or your spouse) are taller than average height, then you will understand how uncomfortable it can be to stoop over to push a wheelchair or buggy. Our […]

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Convaid Cruiser Transit

Convaid Cruiser Disabled Pushchair

“Why the Convaid Cruiser?” The Convaid Cruiser buggy has been designed from the ground up to provide support, comfort, great durability and easy to fold compactness for any disabled child/young adult that is in need of a buggy that has additional support that they can rely on to last. This support and comfort is available thanks to it’s unique […]

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Rodeo Buggy

Convaid Rodeo Disabled Pushchair

“Why the Convaid Rodeo?” The Convaid Rodeo is a tilt-in-space buggy that is custom-built to your child’s needs, with it’s wide range of options it is ideal for any child who needs extra support. The Convaid Rodeo has easy adjustments that can be made to the seat depth allowing up to 5 years growth for […]

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Safari Tilt

Convaid Safari Tilt Disabled Pushchair

The Safari Tilt buggy is great for anyone looking for an extended range of tilt for feeding, stabilising and comfort. It also includes an adjustable recline; and there is a flat planar seat for solid support. Standard Safari Tilt with Transit Kit RRP: £1,629.48 – £1,693.10 The standard Safari Tilt with Transit Kit is great for children […]

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EZRider Transit

Convaid EZ Rider Disabled Pushchair

“Why the Convaid EZ Rider?” The Convaid EZ Rider buggy is ideal buggy for active children and teenagers due to it being lightweight and great for easy portability (folds to size the size of a golf bag!). It is available with features such as one-piece, flip-up armrests, adjustable seat depth and height adjustable footplates. It also has a […]

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Kangoo Pushchair

Kangoo All Terrain Disabled Pushchair

When you want to go a bit further off road as a family the Kangoo buggy offers you a versatile buggy with large wheels to overcome most terrains. Either used as a child’s buggy or attached to the rear of a cycle the Kangoo can take you out and about where some buggies cannot go. […]

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Pioneering Spirit Travel Wheelchair

Pioneering Spirit Travel Wheelchair

The Pioneering Spirit Travel Wheelchair is ideal for both travelling around the world and just round the corner. It’s unique folding mechanism combined with it being lightweight, comfortable and stylish makes it a all-round great wheelchair for travel and home use. With the Pioneering Spirit you also get a choice of black/brown leather or blue/raspberry textilene […]

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Random Tandem Connection 2

Random Tandem Connection

The Random Tandem Connection is a great little accessory that can attach virtually any pushchair or wheelchair side by side and allow you to propel them with ease. If you have ever been faced with the problem of pushing more than one pushchair or wheelchair at the same time you’ll probably realise this can be a pretty […]

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Seat Reducer Insert

Reducer Seat Insert

Children grow fast! Before you know it, they have outgrown their clothes, shoes and even their pushchair or wheelchair. For this reason, many parents select a buggy that is one size larger than needed in anticipation for future growth. Frequently we see Parents using things such as rolled up towels and bunched up blankets to try and make it […]

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Sidewinder Push Handle

Sidewinder Push Handle®

The Sidewinder is a unique little accessory that allows wheelchair and buggy attendants to see who they are pushing rather than looking at the back of there heads! Like all our mobility accessories we try and make them as simple as possible, this handy device attaches to the side of any pushchair or wheelchair with […]

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