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Convaid Cruiser Disabled Pushchair

“Why the Convaid Cruiser?”

The Convaid Cruiser buggy has been designed from the ground up to provide support, comfort, great durability and easy to fold compactness for any disabled child/young adult that is in need of a buggy that has additional support that they can rely on to last. This support and comfort is available thanks to it’s unique Self-Tensio seating system, you can read more here.

Children need bespoke support for there own specific needs, to solves this our paediatric buggy comes in 3 different packages, with 5 different sizes and countless more accessories.

“Engineered to last”

Simple adjustments to the Cruiser disabled pushchair extend the life by up to 5 years, and if that isn’t enough we offer accessories such as seat inserts reducing the seat width allowing you to go for a larger size and simply remove the inserts once they are no longer needed!

Standard Cruiser with Transit Kit RRP: £Contact for Price – £Contact for Price

All of our Cruiser pushchairs come standard with a transit kit, the great thing about this is it’s very common that children will remain in their pushchair during travel. The Convaid range has been crash tested and meets WC19 requirements for using the buggy when being transported in a vehicle. This makes this buggy ideal for children who want to stay active and transport on the bus to school, day programs, field trips or any daily transport. The items included in the standard buggy are – Cordura Seat and Back Upholstery (Royal Blue, Cherry Red, Princess Pink or Sassy Purple), Five Point Harness, Red Tie Down Anchors for travel, a Headrest Extension, and Foot Positioners. All these items are included as standard for the Planar and Scout option also.

Planar Package

The Planar Package add-on is designed for more in-depth seating and positioning for users that are more involved. It adds onto the already comprehensive seating and positioning in the standard model by improving on support with it’s solid seat and back, which provides additional positioning and support for longer periods of sitting. The Planar Package promotes good trunk posture for better respiration and improved digestion. If you want to transport the buggy it also offers easy removal for convenient, folding and transportation.

Scout Package – RRP £1345.51 – £1530.17

This popular option makes huge changes to your Cruiser and turns it into an all-terrain buggy that adds even more support to provide comfort on the most bumpy journeys. It has a built-in lumbar support and 20 degree fixed tilt at shoulder level to encourage stability and good posture for your child. It also adds disc brakes, the same type used on high-end mountain bikes, and knobbly tires for rough terrain.

You’ll notice superior performance on a variety of surfaces and terrains straight away. Included on top of this is attendant handbrakes, a heavy-duty reinforced upholstery, and also an anatomic back as standard. The Scout Package also comes with an array of positioning options which will help you achieve the best positioning suited for your child. The Cruiser with the Scout Package patented design provides maximum comfort and durability.

There are many more accessories/adjustments that can be made on top of these packages. Check our accessories leaflet for more options.

  • Fixed Tilt of 30 degrees
  • Silver Powder Coated Frame
  • Seat to Back Angle (85 to 95 degrees)
  • Quick Release Rear Wheels
  • Closure Strap
  • Five Point Positioning Belt
  • Red Transit Anchors
  • Headrest Extension
  • Foot Positioners
  • Foot Activated Wheel Locks
  • 7 1/2″ x 2″ Front and 11 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ Rear Wheels
  • 90 Degree Fixed Front Rigging
  • Closure Strap
  • 90 Degree Fixed Foot Plate
  • Depth Adjustable Seat Pan
  • One-Piece Height Adjustable Push Handle (Outside Mount)