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Convaid Safari Tilt Disabled Pushchair

The Safari Tilt buggy is great for anyone looking for an extended range of tilt for feeding, stabilising and comfort. It also includes an adjustable recline; and there is a flat planar seat for solid support.

Standard Safari Tilt with Transit Kit RRP: £Contact for Price – £Contact for Price

The standard Safari Tilt with Transit Kit is great for children who must remain in their wheelchair during travel, a Convaid, compact-folding, transit buggy that meets WC19 standards is the safest choice. The Convaid Transit buggy is a convenient, compact-folding pushchair that is RESNA-WC19 compliant and has been “crash-tested” to proper industry standards. This makes this buggy ideal for transport on the bus to school,day programs, or field trips. With the standard transit ready buggy you receive the following, 4 Bright Red Anchors, Headrest Extension, Five Point Belt and Foot Positioners.

  • 5 – 45º of adjustable tilt provides pressure relief & upper body support
  • 90 – 135º of recline opens the seat angle for improved digestion & respiration
  • Solid seat cushion promotes stability
  • Unique umbrella style fold – fold & go!
  • Wider wheels provide added stability & comfort for your child or teen
  • In-depth positioning options provide optimal support