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LiteGait is a gait trainer designed and made by a team of clinicians, researchers, educators, and engineers to maintain symmetry/posture and correct weight bearing. Read more on the benefits of a LiteGait here.

LiteGait Treadmill

Gaitkeeper 2200 Rehabilitation Treadmill

GK2200 The Gaitkeeper 2200 has many innovative features that make it easier for both the patient and therapist to easily control the treadmill making it a welcome addition to your therapy sessions. The 22″ walking surface allows you to expand your treatment options and the slow starting speed of 0.1mph gives you increased control over the patient and […]

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LG250KL Bariatric Gait Trainer 2

LiteGait Bariatric Adult Gait Trainer

LG250KL As part of the next generation of the LiteGait® product line, the 250 models combine a powerful lift mechanism with the supportive environment of LiteGait to allow an unprecedented gait therapy tool for larger, more impaired patients. You can bring the patient from sit to stand and change the amount of support with a push of a button. The […]

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LG50KX Paediatric Gait Trainer

LiteGait Small Paediatric Gait Trainer

LG50KX, LG100KX & LG135KX A unique design allows the power lift mechanism to be built directly into the supportive arms of KX models. This preserves all of the manual adjustment available other popular paediatric units while providing 45 cm of power lift in LG-50 KX & 100 KX. You can bring the patient from sit to stand and change the amount […]

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LG200KS Standard Adult Gait Trainer

LiteGait Standard Adult Gait Trainer

LG200KS & LG200KL As part of the next generation of the LiteGait® product line, the 200 KL platform model combines a powerful lift mechanism with the supportive environment of LiteGait to allow an unparalleled gait therapy tool. The platform system, with its therapist friendly ergonomics, has a double actuated lifting column with up to 100 cm. of stroke in LG200KL. Together […]

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