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LiteGait Bariatric Adult Gait Trainer


As part of the next generation of the LiteGait® product line, the 250 models combine a powerful lift mechanism with the supportive environment of LiteGait to allow an unprecedented gait therapy tool for larger, more impaired patients.

You can bring the patient from sit to stand and change the amount of support with a push of a button. The double actuated column lifts twice as fast when both motors are engaged. Two actuator columns combine to allow large lift strokes of up to 100 cm. The rechargeable noiseless battery-operated system provides all the functionality you need.

Every system comes with everything you need including one harness that fit a large range of adult patients. The adjustability built into these systems allows facilities to easily treat all their patients with the same unit. Consult the specification table to find the right unit for you.

Specifications 250 KL – Flex
Max Patient Weight kg 250
Max Patient Height cm 228
Power Lifts cm 100
Unit Max/Min Height cm 246/152
Base Inside Width cm 86
Overall Length cm 122