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Flex-Lift Portable Hoist

The Flex-Lift is in a class of its own when a truly portable folding hoist is needed for your daily needs. The Flex-Lift easily separates into two parts and folds up into two discreet storage / carrying bags allowing you to take the hoist with you when visiting friends or for trips away on holiday. When the Flex-Lift is not in use around the home the chassis folds to reduce storage space.

The Flex-lift can lift direct from the floor with a hoisting range of 116cm (46”) with a maximum user weight carrying capacity of 130Kg (20 Stone).

What makes the Flex-Lift unique is the ability to use it as a hoist around the home and within minutes quickly dismantle and put into the storage transport bags for your journey. Once in the bags that weigh 14kg each, these can be carried together or singularly by a carer. It saves you having to hire another hoist at your destination and it also means you are taking a product that you are familiar with and use every day.

The Flex-Lift can also be a useful piece of equipment for community healthcare staff who may need to hoist clients at different locations but need the portability of putting the hoist in an average car boot.



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