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Borringia Chameleon Shower Commode

The Chameleon gives you the best of both worlds when looking for a shower and commode chair that can be self-propelled or pushed if required. The Chameleon Commode/Shower Chair comes with its own compact travel bag to make it easy to travel.

It’s design is modular to enable the Chameleon to be quickly changed from a commode to a shower chair and back. The padded seat makes it look like any other lightweight chair in normal use.

The Chameleon Commode/Shower chair is easily assembled and dismantled without the need for any tools and then can be stowed in its travelling bag so no one would be aware you are carrying anything other than your normal luggage. Once packed the Chameleon conforms in size to the maximum measurements allowed for cabin luggage on a commercial aircraft and weighs no more than 9.9kg.

Designed to fit through a standard door frame with a maximum width of just 54cm (21”) the Chameleon is the first purpose designed all-in-one shower / commode chair with the traveller in mind. With a range of optional accessories you can customize the Chameleon to suit your busy lifestyle



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